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When a blog is really a diary

We‘re about two weeks away from launch.

So I don’t expect a lot of you to be reading this. However, documentation always has a beginning, and this will be ours. Even if it is more a diary than a blog.

A few hours ago, Google launched Google Video for Enterprises. The good news is that it is NOT free. It costs $50/user account/year, as part of the Google Apps Premier package.

We’re not quite sure what to expect from this.

It’s got certain limitations that just don’t sound right:

- 3 GB storage capacity (what if I need more?)

- $50/user/year(what if I manage a group of 15 video-bloggers? So 750 bucks??! Or am I forced to share my login information with them?)

- $50/user/year(what if I still like MS-Word and MS-Excel, and just want to use the G-Video app? Do I sign up for G-Apps just so I can access G-Video?)

Need I mention that these are problems we’re going to be solve?

Until then…

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