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What we’re all about

Hey everyone.

Riff here… let’s deviate from the “what’s happening?” and “what will happen?” to something more relevant for you – the publisher: what does all this mean for you?

As I sit and think about how to introduce the team (friends to me) and the service (passion for me) to the rest of you, I am reminded of the long, arduous and fun journey… we really set out to create a service that will change what you can do with online video.

I don’t think we’re anywhere close to fulfilling our goals, but I do believe we’re bang in pursuit.

Marcellus is a service that is, in every sense of the word, designed for you, me and everybody we know.

  • You have 20 videos that you shot over the summer and want to create a portfolio for someone looking for an ad designer – this service is for you;
  • You are a sales manager and have a sales demo that you want to share with twenty members spread all across the world – this service is for you;
  • You are a car company and want to launch a viral campaign centralized around a web site with a look and feel that you will not get on Youtube – this service is for you.

We’ve made it very simple, very accessible, and most importantly, very affordable.

If you read on our post on pricing a few days ago, you’d have noticed that we’ve basically gone and commoditized online video.

Our business model is not centered around grabbing thousands of dollars from you every year. It’s based on the fact that if we help you realize a significant ROI as you scale up, then there will be a cash bonus for us in there somewhere.

It’s one of those “we-help-you-help-us-help-you-help-us-….” models.
Welcome to Marcellus.


  • Riff Khan

    Thanks for your question Tim! With Marcellus you can control your video even after it has left the platform... so for Marcellus, "Publisher Controls" are not limited to the stuff you can do while the video is still on the platform.

    In you specific case, once the embedded code is placed on your users' sites, each time a new video is uploaded, the change will be reflected across all web properties that the video is being played on - change once, update everywhere!

    Have you requested a trial account yet?

  • We just want to upload video and view the video on our site and I'm so sick of youtube. We've got users that don't know what an embed link is so, they just want to be able to go to the page, click browse, and upload their video and it shows up on their site, can you do that?

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