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Video as a monetiz(able)ed social media object

I do this post and then this one emerges.

Defining the problem – content is treated differently under different contexts.
People tend to treat social networks with a certain level of attention deficiency, compared to content/portal sites, which is understandable.
Reading CNN requires more attention (for the most part) than reading your friend’s status message (though I do not know how can you not pay attention to – “John is growing purple blisters. They may burst open any time”).

Hence, the need to create more engaging social media experiences on social networks.
Can you do it with interactive video? Yes.
Can you do it with contextual based advertising within video? Yes.
Can you do it with personalized recommendations? Yes.

But I still do believe and would like to harp on respecting the context of the content.
Content will play significantly differently in social networks when compared to content portals because the core user needs that are being satiated are different. Content owners will have to recognize that.

And OVP providers will need to provide tools that help slice ‘n dice content into meaningful micro content that can be re-purposed and/or redistributed and tracked easily. Sell the car and sell the parts of the same car – bling bling.

It is a brave new world.

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