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Top 10 things we’ve learned about online video

Here is something you probably don’t know about Marcellus: we’ve tried our hand at content publishing.

Yesssirreee! The Marcellus team was exactly where you, the content publisher, is today: looking for venues/channels/mediums to distribute/monetize/publicize our content.

And honestly, we were not mighty successful at it… so with the deepest respect for you, and a first-person understanding of your needs, we decided to stick to what we do best: design the tools to help you dig the gold.

What are the 10 things we learned about online video:

1. Online video is online first and video second.

2. Online video is driven by consumption, not adoption.

3. Online video is essentially a niche business.

4. You can compromise on the meaning, but you cannot compromise on quality.

5. Context is king; content is the king-maker.

6. Unless you are in the porn-business, people are willing to pay$0 for video.

7. Youtube is, and will increasingly become, the TV Guide channel.

8. Finding your audience is easy, keeping it is hard.

9. The name of the game is: accessibility.

10. It helps to have an online video platform that places its bets on your success.

Okay, the last one was a plug for Marcellus… so I will give you another one:

10. You only define the price, the users decide the value of your content.

Happy Streaming.

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