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"There's no money in online video"……Fact or Fiction?


In times like these, it’s hard to ignore comments like “There’s no money in online video”.

On the one hand, we don’t believe that to be true at all.
On the other hand, the ground-realities of today do lend some credibility to that comment.

This post is an introduction to a series of posts on the subject, aimed to stimulate thought for content publishers, as well as technology providers.

However, any discussion about “monetization” and “business models” in the online video space is going to be incomplete without a thorough understanding of online video consumption patterns(not statistics…but patterns).
Moreover, after Umair Haque’s brilliant pieces on connected consumption, the attention economy, micro-media, we haven’t really seen any thought-leaders try to turn these theories into real-world case studies.

Short of being thought-leaders, we’re going to take upon the responsibility of sharing some of our learnings on these areas with the readers of this blog.  You will find them categorized under “get into our minds“.

Topics we’re going to cover, in no particular order:

++ Understanding and leveraging context in the online video space
// Because no one but (x)ollywood can get away with “Content is king”

++ Lean-back(10-inch) vs. Lean-forward(10-foot) experiences
// Because if you’re thinking about the 9 feet 2 inches, you’re toast

++ Audience engagement
// Because there is no buttered popcorn to pass around..or is there?

++ Moving from Akamai to Amazon
// Because we found it a lot easier to commit to $0.10c/GB, than we did to $4,000/month

++ Elasticity, Distribution, and “The Cloud”

// Because when you have a “billion markets of ten”, there can’t be any rude awakenings

++ The dark horse that will win the day: SaaS
// Because when you have a “billion markets of ten”, only mass customization will keep you alive

++ The “interoperability” myth of web 2.0
// Because end user “mashups” aren’t a good enough substitute for horizontal integration amongst service providers


There’s probably going to be a whole lot more that comes up, and as always, we invite your suggestions/thoughts on everything that we write.

Thank you,


  • Michelle

    I like the way you explained the facts and fictions here.
    I think video ads evolving with both facts and fictions!
    One main fact is that the economy is in down turn. The good point is some companies, for example, adwido came with indexing by category and geographic location video content. Well, i guess they help you to get the big job done.

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