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The TechCrunch Effect

We just got featured on TechCrunch, and of course, the effect was that traffic went through the roof. We had a fairly decent number of folks asking us questions, and a good number of people wanting a trial account.

So- thank you, TechCrunch, for this opportunity and exposure. We’re very grateful(inspite of my usual bitchy behavior w/ M.A.).

There are some interesting things being said on the comments thread, and I’m going to do a compilation of best questions soon enough.

But ignore all that for a second: I really feel like this is a story everyone ought to look at. We speak of game-changing moves in the start up world…..and if anyone ever wondered what “Game Changing” meant, then this story tells it like it’s never been told before.

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  • @ Allan: Just a touch above 10x..

  • Congrats for being featured on TC. How much did traffic increase by? 10X? 15X? 20X?

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