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The Art of Listening

A title Guy Kawasaki can use… but the inspiration comes from Umair Haque – “listening beats talking.” The most significant aspect of a SaaS experience is the relationship that a service provider has with the subscriber. More aptly, the most important control point (for a service provider) is the relationship that the subscriber has with the service. A sure way to make that relationship... 

Natural Evolution: PaaS to SaaS

If we are to oversimplify the evolution of the value chain in the computing industry, it broadly breaks down to: from hardware to operating systems to software applications (a little of the chicken/egg fallacy there). Using that storyline to examine the current online video platform market, we are starting to see platform providers evolving into application providers, or platform providers beginning... 

Screenshots: Marcellus Video Platform

Screenshots: Marcellus Video Platform
The Marcellus Video Platform (mvp v1.0) went live over the weekend. You can now sign up for a trial account directly on the site( and try out the service yourself. Here are a few screen shots: 1) Video listing: A listing of your entire video library, sortable by viewership, video title(alphabetical), and date. 2) Metadata editing: Easily add/change video metadata like title,... 
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