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We just went live with the Marcellus web site. Quite a few folks have already requested a trial account, so that’s the first order of business for us: hook ‘em up. In parallel, we’re getting our act together on making the application infrastructure rock-solid, so we can handle an unlimited number of uploading and encoding jobs. Important dates are October 05, 2008 (we start accepting... 

Release early, and then iterate

Well…yes, but what/when do you release/iterate? As ringleader, I’m having a very hard time deciding what a good point would be to launch our first release of m3. So one of the first things I am going to do tomorrow is sit with the entire development team, and spend an hour re-grouping. We need to make a list, check it thrice, and mark off the good-to-haves vs. the must-haves. And then launch... 

When a blog is really a diary

We‘re about two weeks away from launch. So I don’t expect a lot of you to be reading this. However, documentation always has a beginning, and this will be ours. Even if it is more a diary than a blog. A few hours ago, Google launched Google Video for Enterprises. The good news is that it is NOT free. It costs $50/user account/year, as part of the Google Apps Premier package. We’re... 
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