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Google to buy Brightcove. Not.

I got my first email at 12:28 pm – “rumor: Google to buy Brightcove.” I got my second email at 1:07 pm – “rumor false: Google to buy Brightcove.” I spent the time during those emails scratching my head – What is wrong with the Brin/Page/Schmidt triumvirate? Does it really make sense for Google to invest in an up-market (at those price points Brightcove is no... 

Chrome=Windows, Rebooted. Microsoft=Google, Rebooted.

Just found this brilliant image at OneComics. I’m not sure that Federico Fieni realizes how beautifully he’s merged art with technology. And art is always open to interpretation, so my interpretation is: Chrome is the new Windows. Instead of a PC equipped with an OS + Application stack, you now have a browser equipped with an Internet connection + web services stack. The choice of colors... 

Chrome is here

Chrome is here
Looks slick, and has been engineered beautifully.     There’s enough already said about it, but just like a lot of other things, this is worth checking out yourself: SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Chrome is here", url: "" }); Read More →
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