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20 Questions with Dr. Dre(y) of VidCompare: Part 1

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing a series of posts under the title: “20 Questions with Dr. Dre(y)”. These are conversations I’ve had with Kris Drey, the founder of  an online service that helps folks find the perfect online video platform provider suited to their needs. Kris is also Vice President (Product Marketing and Management) at Fliqz, which... 

Google to buy Brightcove. Not.

I got my first email at 12:28 pm – “rumor: Google to buy Brightcove.” I got my second email at 1:07 pm – “rumor false: Google to buy Brightcove.” I spent the time during those emails scratching my head – What is wrong with the Brin/Page/Schmidt triumvirate? Does it really make sense for Google to invest in an up-market (at those price points Brightcove is no... 
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