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How does Flash Work?

The following is an article written by Wes Simpson for The original posting can be found here. So thank you Wes and DV for this very relevant posting from the readers of the Marcellus Blog: ———- Flash video is a technology that is widely used on Web sites throughout the Internet for delivering video (and other) signals to a wide variety of different devices. Flash video files... 

Silverlight versus Flash – as an Application Platform

Silverlight aficionados will tell you that comparing Silverlight and Flash makes as much sense as a comparison between a Moto Razr and the iPhone. They will tell you that Silverlight was created for a far bigger purpose;  to light up the web (to use Microsoft’s marketing lingo) in the same way as Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly Avalon – I just love Microsoft’s system of... 

Adobe adds adaptive bandwidth streaming to Flash player 10

Just learned, via NewTeeVee that Adobe just launched Flash (Player) 10..with the capability to deliver adaptive bandwidth streaming. I assume that bit is useful only for folks using Flash media server(or a comparative streaming server like Wowza/Red5) to stream their content. Of course, we’ll do some more looking into this now, and see how we can leverage Flash 10. In the meantime, if you want... 
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