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I say this on a personal note, acknowledging that some of you might feel otherwise, including some folks over at Marcellus, but I need to say this:

It is not a political fever that has gripped the world. It is Obamania that has the world glued to their TV sets today, and it is because of Obama that the world is paying attention to McCain. If Joe Lieberman was running against McCain, then McCain wouldn’t have had the votes he did.

It’s because of the radically different mindset that Obama embodies(and will hopefully put into action), that some people are sticking with what they know and identify with best…an honest man who has served the nation with his soul, and who will uphold, not uproot, what they believe in. And in fact, perhaps even do it better than his predecessor. Which is true..anyone can do a better job than George W. Bush, and John McCain respects America too much to damage it further.

However, this is not a time for bandages. In fact, no amount of bandages can stop America from bleeding. The wounds are so deep, and the damages so severe, that the only solution is for us to start with an acknowledgement that we have screwed up very badly. We screwed up by not paying attention to the foundations for our growth, despite a severe warning less than a decade ago when the dot-com collapse occured. We screwed up by sending our country into a war that didn’t exist, in the most Quixotic of manners. We screwed up by choosing to “Stay the course” and pretending we’re right, when we should have cut our losses and not sunk $3 trillion dollars, just to save face.

The irony, of course, is that $3 trillion + $770 billion later, America is now a laughing stock of the world, anyway.

In my opinion, the only way out of this mess, is a hard, long-drawn battle. A battle to become frugal, a battle to spend less, a battle to give back at least as much as one takes, a battle to understand values without preaching them, a battle to educate, a battle to learn, a battle to accept, a battle to acknowledge diversity, a battle to say no to the easy way out, a battle to learn restraint, a battle to understand peace, a battle to build prosperity..not buy it.

A lot of us, hopefully enough of us, believe that Barack Obama, and not John McCain, is the person to lead America through this time. The argument isn’t about which of the two is the better person or the better leader. The argument is about who the RIGHT person is, given where America stands today.

And isn’t that what America has always been about..? The right person for the job?

So, don’t vote for Obama, or for McCain. Vote for who you think is the right person for the job.

And in the meantime, enjoy Obamania. It’s never coming back again. Not in our lifetimes, at least.


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