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Google to buy Brightcove. Not.

I got my first email at 12:28 pm – “rumor: Google to buy Brightcove.”

I got my second email at 1:07 pm – “rumor false: Google to buy Brightcove.”

I spent the time during those emails scratching my head – What is wrong with the Brin/Page/Schmidt triumvirate? Does it really make sense for Google to invest in an up-market (at those price points Brightcove is no Walmart) white-label video streaming provider?

Google has an audacious goal – organize the world’s information. I guess it does make sense for Google to acquire tools that publish that information… but Brightcove? Seriously? Some reports went on to expand that it would create synergies with Youtube. Um… you mean the same synergy that Brightcove and Brightcove TV created?

Sometimes the sum of the parts is less than the parts themselves… what these speculators are missing out on is: the white-label video platform space is different than the UGC video portal space. Publishers in the white-label video have different needs – they are not looking for platforms that market their content.

They are looking for tools that let them publish, manage and track their content at affordable price points. Then they are looking for a platform that lets them scale up and scale down on-demand. Simply put, IMHO – Google + Brightcove makes as much sense as Pizza + Ketchup. Sounds exciting for 39 minutes… and then you wake up.

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