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For the last time in a very long time: Yes, We Can!

I’d like to end our Obama-centric, and politically biased diatribes on the Marcellus blog, with this video.

Perhaps all of you have watched this already.

Nonetheless, it’s still very moving, so let’s end this election chatter and move on with a renewed sense of vigor and with the re-instated belief: Yes, We Can!

Cheers, from all of us here at Marcellus.



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  • Riff Khan

    "Yes WE can" - the all inclusive theme of the Obama campaign as compared to the lyrics of the McCain theme song:

    Well we’re all just raisin’ McCain
    Everywhere across the USA
    You can get on the train or get out of the way
    We’re all just raisin’ McCain

    No. I do not want to get out of the way.... yes we can.

  • What about using the Marcellus Player for the above ??

    ~ Harshal

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