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This really has no place on a corporate blog. But then again, it does.

Peter King talks about the feel good story of this NFL season, in reference to the Denver Broncos:

Whether Denver’s a championship team or not — and allowing an insane 6.5 points per game through four weeks suggests they’ll battle San Diego for the AFC West title — there’s one thing you have to love about the Broncos: They’ve got a Patriot way (what a coincidence!) of tuning out the outside crappola and focusing on the only thing that matters — the next play. They tuned out the Jay Cutler thing. They tuned out the Brandon Marshall distraction. That’s not easy in an NFL-crazy market like Denver, but McDaniels did it. “DO YOUR JOB” is the gigantic wall art in the Broncos’ team meeting room, something McDaniels brought with him from New England and his mentor, Bill Belichick. And it’s what his players are doing.

Now let’s do a mini-analysis of the biggest decision of the off-season, Denver dealing Cutler for two first-rounders and Kyle Orton. It reminds me of the Patriots dealing Drew Bledsoe in 2002 and handing the quarterback job long-term to Tom Brady. Bledsoe, the independent-thinking mad bomber; Brady, the caretaker who’ll follow the gameplan to a T. Just substitute Cutler for Bledsoe and Kyle Orton for Brady and you’ve got McDaniels’ line of thinking. Now, I’m not saying (and McDaniels wouldn’t either) that Orton’s going to morph into Brady, but the amount of negative plays at the quarterback position has been exactly what McDaniels has preached: zero interceptions, zero lost fumbles, six sacks. If Orton continues on his present pace — 3,624 passing yards, 20 touchdowns, 59 percent passing (that should be a tick better) — the Broncos will be playing in January.”

That’s exactly right: DO YOUR JOB.

(P.S.: Thanks for the pointer, Riff)

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