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A number of you have asked us over the last few days, if there is a Marcellus API.

Which tells us:

  • Setting up a classy workflow is still a problem
    • upload, content management, customization, and publishing are fundamental challenges for many
  • The work flow needs to be ubiquitous
    • it’s one thing to use workflow on Marcellus. It’s quite another to be able to access the same workflow on YOUR website
  • Scale and economics are SERIOUS considerations
    • And therefore, a reliable cloud infrastructure is a huge blessing for online video

So, to answer your questions:

  • We ARE working on the Marcellus API. With a little luck, we’ll have it ready for you by Christmas of this year.
  • Before the API arrives, we’ll be launching a community video platform: mia. You can read more about it at

We’re keeping mia a little hush-hush for a bit. Not because it’s a big secret that we want to hide, but because we’re trying to figure out what feature set to launch it with. So, if you have ideas/thoughts on what you’d like to see when we launch, just place a comment on here, or write to us.

We are: buzz (at) marcellus (dot) tv


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