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Announcing: a Pricing Model

It took a lot of coffee, tea, Coke, and red-ink on a white-board to come up with this, but we finally have a pricing model in place.

We split up our pricing into two parts.

First, we charge for the Software platform: $49.

That’s a one-time fee, enabling access to all the cool publishing and distribution features available in Marcellus.

Second, we charge for the Infrastructure: $10/month.

This entitles you to 10 GB-month storage, and 10-GB-month bandwidth.

And that was the easy part.

What happens if someone goes over that limit?

We had to make sure that:

  • it’s seamless (you don’t have to do anything to let us know that you’re going over)
  • it’s painless (you don’t have to shed blood to pay for the incremental usage)
  • it’s profitable for us (because we’re in the business of making it seamless and painless for you)

The model we came up with was this:

Monthly Storage Fees
Greater than 10 GB, but under 100 GB USD 0.60 / GB
Greater than 100 GB, but under 500 GB USD 0.51 / GB
Any storage above 500 GB USD 0.45 / GB
Monthly Bandwidth Fees
Greater than 10 GB, but under 100 GB USD 0.40 / GB
Greater than 100 GB, but under 500 GB USD 0.34 / GB
Any bandwidth above 500 GB USD 0.30 / GB

Unless we’re mistaken, this effectively makes us THE most cost-effective video platform on the Internet today. We’re very proud of that.

As we iterate the Marcellus platform, and find ways for you to do more with your video content, this will always remain our guiding mission.

We will continue to keep our pricing very friendly, and will ensure that you only pay for what you use.

Oh, and here’s a picture of -the- white-board.

Discussing the pricing model

Discussing the pricing model

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